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das  Academy

residential building

Pleasant learning & living under one roof.

In our Academy Apartments we offer you:

  • fully equipped non-smoking apartments(maximum 4 students per accommodation unit)

  • every roomhas oneown balcony

  • fully furnished rooms(Sizes vary but does not affect rent)

  • Double or single room (only subject to availability)

  • shower/tub baths

  • fully equipped kitchens

  • Washing machine

  • direct& cheap parkingin front of the Academy building

  • Perfect location:good transport connections, close to the center & in the countryside

  • uncomplicatedall-inclusive rentalswith all additional consumption costs(water, electricity and heating)

  • supermarketsandshoppinginimmediate environment


Internet / W-Lan heardNotto the scope of services or the rental object. Actual internet speeds and capacities will vary and are not guaranteed. 

Through an open shared apartment with your classmates (max. 4 people per apartment)  you have the opportunity to learn and live together with your classmates outside of school hours _cc781905- 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_( together to success ). Our experiences have shown that graduates work together within the class communityLIFEandTO LEARNare even more intensively prepared for the master's examination, since the participants are not exposed to any external distractions. Thus, each individual participant can prepare very intensively  for the upcoming master's examination. 



Single room

All-inclusive rent per day€25

Double room

All-inclusive rent per day€18

 (everything subject to availability)

The room bookings can alwaysonly for the wholebe booked during the advertised course period, as accommodation is limited and otherwise cannot be reassigned.

Deposit: €599

will  be refunded accordingly at the end of the rental period if used properly.

What advantages does a double room offer you?


A double room offers you the opportunity to effectively and collectively intensify what you have learned with your classmates and roommates after the end of the lesson. 

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